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"VMY Mahal is built aesthetically amidst cheerful, green surroundings. It has a unique, unconventional design and layout. We don’t have crammed, cloistered halls where the guests would feel stifled and uncomfortable. At VMY Mahal , you can savor the fluidity of our multi-functional space that is open, uncluttered and without bounds. In parties, it invites you to move around and meet people, and feel at home. It’s an ideal get away where you can forget the humdrum of the surrounding city!"

Whether it's a corporate event, a wedding, a trade show or a product launch, the sophistication and elegance of VMY Mahal make every event a memorable experience. Professional event management, elegantly designed venues, creative cuisine and impeccable service by our team of associated service providers create the ideal conditions for all event types

V M Yagaya- General Manager

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